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Solideal tires, 100% natural rubber –
Longer lasting, more suspension.

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There are three common types of forklift tires:

  • cushion
  • pneumatic
  • solid pneumatic tires.

When Should You Replace Your Tires

A general rule of thumb to determine if your tires need replaced is to see if the tire wear reaches just above the imprinted area with the name brand and tire size on your side wall. The tire may also need replaced if you see cracks, splits, rubber separation from the band, tread worn off or the tire is worn completely smooth.

Why Should I Replace My Tires

Replacing worn tires will not only increase safety but will also help maintain the overall performance of your Lift Truck and increase productivity. Good tires allow enough traction so your forklift can safely come to a complete stop. A worn tire becomes smaller in diameter which means it has to rotate more to cover a given distance which increases fuel consumption and reducing overall speed. The tire is the only shock absorber your forklift has so to prevent operator fatigue and back injury to operators please call Allstar Truck Lifts to replace your worn tires today.